Caroline Tensen presents with a battered face 1 against 50 | Entertainment


“Perhaps you think at home, ‘What a funny face that woman has tonight.’ I stood here with broken arms, a broken leg, two operated shoulders … we hadn’t had this yet: I fell on my face with my e-bike, ”she explains in a video that RTL shares on Facebook.

Her good friend, makeup artist Leco van Zadelhoff, according to Caroline completely ‘exhausted’ to caulk her face.

Caroline thinks she is ahead of the comment, saying, “When you think at home, ‘What is the woman winking weirdly, or have the fillers failed? It is not all that. Just original tooth through the lip, ”said the presenter who can be seen in the program on Sunday evening 1 to 50. The program has been temporarily adjusted due to the corona measures.


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