Carolina Lo Galbo fell down the stairs twice on screen test for 5 Hour Show | NOW


Carolina Lo Galbo was recently elected one of the two presenters of the renewed 5 Hour Show on SBS, but her screen test for that job didn’t go smoothly. In the program Plastic on NPO Radio 1 she says that she fell down two steps.

“I’ve been kicked off a ladder. I had to autocue reading, which I had never done before, down a ladder on heels I never wore,” explains the presenter. “I had chosen it myself to look a bit charming, not knowing there would be steps.”

Lo Galbo says that she already went down during the first exercise and that she already expected that the same would happen with the real screen test. “I was still wearing those heels, the stairs were still there and the autocue is still there. That also happened. So I also read from the stairs before the end and I became it.”

Lo Galbo, who was previously known primarily as a writing journalist, will present the program together with Brecht van Hulten. The 5 Hour Show can be seen at SBS6 from 17 August. The program that was broadcast on RTL from 1989 to 1998 returns to TV after more than twenty years.


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