Carole Baskin angry about tigers in Cardi B music video


The new clip of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion is a thorn in the side of Carole Baskin, known from the Tiger King documentary series. She is angry that tigers can be seen in the video clip.

Baskin is convinced that the animals have been added to the film with photoshop, which takes place on a luxury estate. Even so, tigers have had to pose for the images, the tiger shelter manager emphasizes in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “The cats have to be filmed with a green screen behind them, so that cannot have happened in the wild.”According to Baskin, the images were not filmed in a shelter as she runs it. “There the animals have so much space that they can ignore the screens. They could also die if they tear the screen apart and swallow it.” Her conclusion is that the tigers were filmed at what she calls “feline-pimps”. “Maybe even one of the people you see in Tiger King, who make a living by beating animals, handing out electric shocks and starving felines.”

She also has problems with the luxurious setting of the clip depicting tigers as a status symbol. “Followers of these artists who don’t know any better may want that too,” she says. “But when tigers get too big to play with, they are destroyed or used on farms. There have been cases where people just let go of a tiger they wanted to get rid of. However you turn or turn it, it is always mistreatment of the animal. and a danger to humans. “


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