Car of US 56,500 for Surinamese Hospital director Claudia Redan inappropriate!


Given the situation in which the healthcare sector has been for years, the purchase of an expensive vehicle is inappropriate for the director of the University Hospital, says the socially involved lawyer Antoon Karg. He finds this expensive purchase, in the context of late payments to healthcare workers, the current Covid-19 pandemic and donations from industry and international donors, very distasteful. In addition, the hospital council has been sounding the alarm about impending bankruptcies for several years.

He further states that even after a long preparation process, the purchase should be reconsidered as appropriate or inappropriate at the time of purchase. He also indicated that the argument that the vehicle was bought on credit makes the situation worse, because interest still has to be paid on it. The argument that the vehicle is in the name of the hospital and not in the name of the director is an improper argument, because only the director has the enjoyment of using the vehicle. Ironically, he adds: Unless the University Hospital is the only workplace in Suriname where the cleaning and security personnel use one car part-time together with the director. Citing the director’s 24-year career as a reason for privileges is an erroneous and dangerous reasoning, the lawyer says, because seniority within an organization does not rectify abuse. The fact that the right to a service vehicle is included in her employment contract also does not oblige the director to choose a vehicle with a price from which multiple annual salaries could have been paid.

Finally, Mr. Karg that a privilege in a contract does not demonstrate its appropriateness, but only the strength of the director indicates its negotiating position in its realization. This privilege, included in the contract, now also shows the failing leadership, which in difficult times such as this leads to putting one’s own interests far above the interests of the hardworking risk group, the care providers, for whom even a basic right as through payment of the wages have become an uncertainty. According to the lawyer in an informal circle.


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