Canon hit by ransomware, 10 TB of data captured


In an attack by hacker collective Maze, 10 TB of data and private databases were captured. The company now has several days to pay before the data is made public. The hack has nothing to do with a previous attack on Canon’s online storage service.

Large companies have been hacked at a rapid pace in recent weeks. Garmin was hit by ransomware in late July and reportedly paid a ransom to get everything working again. In early August, hacker collective Maze released 50.2 GB of internal data from LG and 25.8 GB from Xerox after a hack.

The same group is now also responsible for the ransomware attack on Canon. According to Bleeping Computer, 10 TB of data and private databases were captured. The hackers do not disclose the amount of the surrender sum and for the time being there is no evidence of stolen data or the number of encrypted devices.

During the process, Maze steals unencrypted files from servers and backups and then uploads them to public servers. Once they have copied everything of value, they access the Windows domain controller. From here, the hackers can roll out ransomware throughout the network and encrypt all affected devices.

Second time prize

As a result of the hack, 24 Canon domain names are no longer available, including and A message from the IT service to all Canon employees contains the information that multiple applications, Microsoft Teams, email and other systems are not available at this time. Canon is not commenting for the time being and is investigating the situation.

The attack has nothing to do with the outage on, a cloud storage service for Canon customers. On July 30, the manufacturer discovered that there were problems. Some files stored on the cloud service before July 16 have disappeared. The thumbnails are still visible, but you can no longer download the files. According to the camera expert, no data would have been leaked, but it is currently investigating how it can recover the lost files.

You could link both issues together, but according to Bleeping Computer, Maze has nothing to do with the issues surrounding

We will update this piece as soon as we receive more information.


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