Canada rewards health care provider in corona time with residence permit | Abroad


“Because these people face an uncertain future in Canada, the current circumstances call for exceptional measures,” said the minister. “In doing so, we recognize the exceptional services they provided during the pandemic.”

The new policy means that some people who previously did not receive a residence permit are now eligible for it. They must have submitted an application for asylum before March 13 and have worked as a care provider in, for example, nursing homes or hospitals in recent months.

Most asylum seekers work in health care in Quebec, the region most affected by the pandemic. More than 5700 patients died there. The head of regional government has previously referred to the caregivers as “guardian angels”.

Canadian broadcaster CBC reports that the government actually wanted to reward a larger group of people for their services during the corona crisis. In an earlier version of the plan, security guards and maintenance workers were also eligible for a residence permit.

The plan would eventually have become stricter after consultations between the national government and Quebec. It is now expected that about a thousand migrants across Canada can benefit from the new policy.


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