Camping received thousands of UWV letters for unknown Poles: ‘This is simply benefit fraud’


The letterbox of recreation park De Kanthoeve is often packed with letters from the UWV and ING. For seven years now, the board of the campsite in Bakel has received between ten and twenty letters every week. Those letters are addressed to people with an Eastern European surname and who do not stay at the campsite at all. It is likely to be a benefit fraud.

Employee Wendy van der Zalm takes another stack of mail out of the letterbox in disbelief on Wednesday. And so it goes every week. Letters for payment and bank cards with PIN codes from ING Bank. Everything is addressed to Polish people. ”

Watch Wendy’s response to the stack of letters that arrive every week:

Lax response
Wendy and other board members of the Kanthoeve in Bakel regularly call the benefits agency UWV. “But we are always sent from box to wall. We also came by with hundreds of letters, but it doesn’t stop. ”

According to Van der Zalm, they react very lax at the UWV when she is on the phone again. “Isn’t it bizarre that no light comes on when hundreds of letters go to the same address? I really think this is benefit fraud and that people need an address in the Netherlands. ”

A circle
The letter that Wendy and her colleague opened on Tuesday to inform the UWV again was about a medical statement. “Probably for a WIA benefit,” concludes Van der Zalm.

“This just isn’t about anything. No attention is paid. “” And if Wendy returns the letters, she will get them back a little later. “It’s just a circle.”

After questions from Omroep Brabant to the UWV and ING, both bodies have started an investigation. The spokesperson of the UWV is currently unable to say where things are going wrong and why this has been going on for years.

After a day of research, ING Bank announced that it is in principle not surprising that there are several people at one address. “Think, for example, of a student house. That is why no bell has started to ring. “” But in this case, the bank will continue to investigate what is going on. “Everyone can open a bank account, but in this case it is especially annoying for the recreation park.”

20,000 letters
At first Van der Zalm thought it was funny, but now it is starting to get very annoying. “We have now had perhaps a total of 20,000 letters that are not intended for us,” says Wendy with a smile. But actually she can no longer laugh at all. “It’s fun at first, but it drives us crazy now.”

By looking for publicity after seven years, they finally hope at the campsite for a good investigation by the UWV and that they will be left alone.


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