camping bracelet looks like a Star of David so take it off


Young people who stay at the popular Appelhof youth campsite on the island of Terschelling are advised to take off their camping wristband. “They are not allowed to sit anywhere, they are not allowed to enter the swimming pool,” says owner Geert van Dieren.

He has put up a note on the camping site with the text: “If you want, you can remove your tape… this way you prevent that you may no longer be given access to certain places on Terschelling. (If people do ask what your place of residence is, you can say that you are renting a house). ”The customer review has been automatically translated from Dutch.

‘It looks like a Star of David’

“It looks like a Star of David, and that’s not the intention, but that’s how it feels.” There is a varying response to Van Dieren’s note on social media. Some people speak of it as shame. Others understand the suggestion he makes.

The campsite must close its doors on Monday at 12 noon because there were young people on the campsite who tested positive for the corona virus after returning home. It concerned eight young people. That is why a special test location has been set up near the campsite. It is also intended for other tourists and for residents of the island with complaints.

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About 500 people have been tested there for the corona virus in the past few days. That has revealed one new case so far, but it is not known whether this was also a camping guest.

New test day

On Saturday people will be tested again. According to Van Dieren there are still about 300 young people on the campsite. The results of their tests are not yet known. Young people who have been tested negative can take the ferry to Harlingen. People who are infected are taken to the mainland by separate transport.

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Van Dieren says that everyone on the island is angry. He says closing prematurely – it would be open for another two weeks – would be a financial blow. But he had to close, he says: “You have to, you can’t do anything else but close.”

Own responsibility

Everhard Hofstra, infectious disease control doctor at the GGD says he can imagine that the letter from Van Appelhof owner Van Dieren is a reaction to the fact that young people have been banned from places on the island.

“There is no reason to exclude young people without complaints. Young people with complaints, like all other Dutch people, are expected to comply with the rules of quarantine. In the Netherlands, we give citizens their own responsibility. This also applies to these young people, so they can also move freely. With this text you give them their own responsibility. ” He emphasizes that both young people and campsite owner have cooperated well with the GGD in this case.

The above report was previously broadcast by Hart van Nederland.



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