Camera manufacturer Canon victim of ransomware


                                        Japanese camera maker Canon is the victim of a ransomware attack, probably carried out by the Maze collective.  Ten terabytes of data were stolen from the company.  If Canon does not pay, the data will be thrown out on the street.                                         </strong>

                                                                                      <p>The attack against Canon is said to have started on July 30, BleepingComputer reports.  Among others, the e-mail systems are affected, the American website and various internal applications.  Over twenty other Canon sites are also down.

The hack was probably carried out by the squatters’ collective Maze, who also stole data from LG and Xerox this summer. This is evident from an internal e-mail from Canon that BleepingComputer received and in which Maze gives the company three days to pay a ransom. Otherwise, the stolen data will be made public. It would be ten terabytes of data, including photos, video files and files. However, the email does not yet indicate how much money Maze demands for the data.

In addition to LG and Xerox, Cognizant, Chubb, MaxLinear and the city of Pensacola have also already been victims of Maze.

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