Came as a surprise: this is how the Zizic deal for Real Madrid – Sport 5 got involved


Will Ante Zizic wear yellow? It could very well be so, but there is still a way to go before the deal closes, and that depends mainly on Real Madrid. The Blancos reached an agreement in principle with Cleveland’s chin, but took their time with the paperwork on the way to signing, which led to a tempting offer from Maccabi Tel Aviv to shuffle the cards. $ 1.5 million, will come to Spain if Real want it, but not sure if the Blancos will really still go for the deal.

So why should Real go back on it? If that happens, then it will be mostly for economic reasons. Just a week ago, the Blancos paid about $ 1.5 million in an outing to Valencia to add forward Alberto Albada. According to reports in Spain, Real do not want to commit to a significant amount of money like a two-year contract to Žižić, before they know for sure that the NBA team will pay the exit option of Pecondo Campasso (6 million euros). In fact, Real Madrid want to be careful not to embark on an adventure they do not know they can handle, even though the Argentine is likely to leave, and the Blancos will land an expensive guard (Darius Adams?) Who will fill his place.

“It’s a big miss for Real Madrid. A complete shock,” Marca explained. “Itz, he has good quality and size. He is talented and high quality.”

And there are those in Spain who attribute the rapprochement to Maccabi Tel Aviv, specifically to the man who pulls the strings in the deal. Was at the center of the storm last year, so the player he represented, Brandon Davis, concluded at Real Madrid, and at the last minute moved to Barcelona.

So how does Maccabi Tel Aviv in the summer of a global economic crisis and losses manage to get their hands on a player with a salary similar to Wilbkin’s, who earns $ 1.7 million, probably if and when, only if the deal goes through.


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