Call for new riots in Utrecht, now three arrests | Inland


On Saturday evening, agents will be present around the Gagelhof, a shopping center in Overvecht. A local photographer saw a young man being arrested. A police spokesman confirms that an arrest took place there. Elsewhere, two more arrests took place. What exactly was going on, a spokesperson cannot say.

The police do not want to show the back of the tongue about the signals coming from the neighborhoods. “Everything is monitored. Where necessary, plans are made, ”said a spokesman. “An emergency ordinance now applies in a number of streets in Overvecht.”

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‘Surpassed Schilderswijk’

Friday evening was a hit in the Kanaleneiland district of Utrecht, where, among other things, a bus shelter was left completely in broken glass. A piece of lawn was also set on fire. The police issued an emergency order at 1 a.m.

“I already saw a call on Snapchat on Thursday in which they said they wanted to surpass The Hague. Well, it worked. The Hague has been surpassed ”, a neighbor told De Telegraaf.

Scooter control in The Hague

The police in The Hague will hold moped checks in the center of the city and surrounding area on Saturday evening and next night. The police announced on Saturday evening that they regularly check for technical condition, documents and speed. “For example, if the moped is allowed to drive faster than allowed, it can be confiscated or a fine will follow.”

A spokeswoman for the police does not want to say anything about it, but the announcement follows after a few restless nights in the Schilderswijk. There, residents are crying out for measures. The young people are bored, would otherwise have been on holiday, and now challenge the police, it sounds.

Mayor Jan van Zanen announced on Thursday that young people who caused the unrest in the previous night came from other parts of the city. “They came here on their scooters — apparently to kick a mess,” he said.

In the night from Friday to Saturday Friday, six scooters were seized.


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