Cabinet: quarantine mandatory after close contact with corona patient


The cabinet also wants people who have been in an orange area to go into quarantine. The latter does require a legislative amendment. According to the cabinet, the measures are necessary because the number of corona infections has been increasing rapidly. In a week, more than 4,000 new cases were added.

In order to stem the further spread of the virus, the cabinet is now introducing a number of strong tighteners. Anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has corona, which means 15 minutes within 1.5 meters of someone with a corona infection, must be quarantined. And that will also apply to people who come from a code orange area from abroad.

Control and fines

Legally, the plan still needs to be worked out in more detail. But it will also be monitored, under penalty of hefty fines.

According to political commentator Frits Wester, the sharp tightening indicates that the cabinet is again seriously concerned. Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will return from recess for another first debate on the situation.


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