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The latest news about the coronavirus outside the Netherlands

  • Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah (55) has been hospitalized after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Shah, one of the most powerful politicians in the country, reports, Sunday on Twitter. He says he is doing well and asks everyone who has been around to get tested.
  • The corona virus has been diagnosed in the Israeli minister of Jerusalem affairs, Rafi Peretz (64). That reported he himself on Twitter on Saturday evening. Peretz was still in the Israeli parliament on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Knesset. Three other Israeli ministers have been ordered to remain in quarantine for a week. In Israel, 72,000 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, more than 520 people have died as a result of Covid-19. On Saturday, over 10,000 people in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv again demonstrated against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corona approach.
  • A night clock has been set in Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne. In an effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus, residents are not allowed to go outside between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. Only for work, out of medical necessity or to provide care. During the day, residents are allowed to shop and exercise a maximum of five kilometers from their home. In the entire state of Victoria, restaurants, cafes and gyms will close on Thursdays.
  • From burgemeester van Panama-Stad, José Luis Fábrega, said he was fined for violating his city’s corona rules on Saturday. In the region where he lives, residents are not allowed to go outside between 7 p.m. on Friday and 5 a.m. on Monday. More than 65,000 infections have been diagnosed in Panama and nearly 1,500 coronavirus deaths have been recorded. He did not disclose how much Mayor Fábrega had to pay.
  • The US center for public health CDC predicts that in the coming Another twenty thousand Americans die from Covid-19 in three weeks. The number roughly corresponds to a continuation of the current trend. The epidemic has flared up again in the US recently. In the previous week, an average of 1,129 deaths per day were recorded.
    President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Saturday that the increasing number of infections diagnosed daily is the result of the high number of tests that the US is conducting, and not as suggested by its government virus advisor, due to few measures against the spread of the virus. The United States is the most affected country worldwide, and more than 154,000 people died from the coronavirus.

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Travel advice for Sint Maarten adjusted

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs adjusted the travel advice for Sint Maarten on Sunday morning from yellow to orange. That means that all non-essential trips to the Caribbean island are discouraged. The number of infections with the corona virus is growing on the Dutch side of the island. Last Thursday, 49 infections were reported, the previous week there were only 9.

Anyone traveling to Sint Maarten must fill out a health certificate with the island authorities in advance and must be able to demonstrate that they have tested negative for the corona virus that causes Covid-19. The cabinet advises travelers who come to the Netherlands from Sint Maarten to self-quarantine for fourteen days after arrival. This weekend Sint Maarten opened the border for tourists from the US and a mask was introduced in public areas on the island.

The prefecture of Saint-Martin, the French part of the island, has also tightened admission requirements in response to the increasing number of infections on St. Maarten on Friday. The crossing of the border has to be announced in advance since Friday. Permission is granted only with “compelling reason and evidence”.

Since the corona crisis, there has been a hard dividing line between Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. “You’re better off on the French side now. Much better.

Scuffle on KLM flight to refuse mask

A disturbance has arisen this week on a KLM flight between Amsterdam and Ibiza. Two passengers who had been drinking too much refused to wear the mask required on the plane. They also harassed other passengers both verbally and physically, a company spokesperson confirms.

Over time, cabin crew and a number of fellow passengers overpowered the two men and kept them under control until the Ibiza landing. That went, can be seen on one video posted on Twitter, in quite a physical way. Because the captain of the plane had warned the local authorities in advance, the pair could be arrested immediately after landing. “Flight safety” has not been compromised, the spokesman said.

Media not welcome at Republican convention

When US President Donald Trump is formally designated as the Republican candidate for the November election at the end of this month, no journalists will be present. The organization of the party convention, from August 21 to 24 in Charlotte, gives the corona virus the reason for this against American media.

A spokesperson for the newspaper Arkansas Democrat Gazette: “We operate within the current regulations of the state of North Carolina. If that allows for change, we will do the same. For now, there is a maximum number of people that we can admit to our event. ” Earlier, the number of delegates – party members who nominate a candidate for nomination – was already sharply reduced from 2,550 to 336. Congress was initially scheduled to take place in a much larger hall in Jacksonville, Florida. The southern state is one of the most severely affected areas in Covid-19. Another 179 fatalities were reported on Saturday. In total, more than 7,000 people have died in the state.

The 2020 Republican convention will be the first time in American history that the press has been absent from the nomination of a presidential candidate. The multi-day events are usually large media spectacles. The Democratic party, where Joe Biden is expected to be nominated for president, will also be holding a cut-back convention at the end of this month. The media are still welcome at the event in Milwaukee.

Earlier this week, Trump suggested postponing the elections as a whole because, in the current situation, he says they cannot run reliably and safely. The letter voting that a number of states want to admit would make the elections the most “INACCURATE AND FRAUDULENT” (sic) in history, according to Trump. Moreover, there is no scientific evidence to support this proposition, nor is Trump empowered to make such a decision. This requires the approval of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and politicians on both sides of the political spectrum made clear that there was nothing to see in the plan. The President returned to his statement within 24 hours.

Image of the 2016 Republican Convention, when Trump was elected as a presidential candidate in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo of Patrick Semansky / AP

More than half a million infections in South Africa

The number of coronavirus infections in South Africa passed half a million on Saturday. This is evident from the most recent figures from John Hopkins University. After the United States, Brazil, Russia and India, the African country now has the most identified infections worldwide.

More than 8,000 deaths from the effects of Covid-19 have been reported. Last week, however, research by experts in South Africa showed that the actual death toll in the African country is much higher. For example, the researchers found that the number of deaths from ‘natural cause’ in recent weeks was much higher than normal, and the reported number of deaths from Covid-19 far exceeded.

Although the African country announced strict corona measures to contain the virus in March, more and more relaxations have been announced in recent weeks to limit economic damage. The number of new infections would then have risen sharply. The fact that distance measures are difficult to comply with in urban areas, especially in the poorer neighborhoods, creates additional obstacles in the fight against the virus.

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The last news

Here NRC keeps you informed of the latest developments regarding the corona pandemic. This was the main news of Saturday:

  • Thousands of people are Saturday met at the Malieveld in The Hague to demonstrate against the corona policy from the government. There were also demonstrations in Berlin against measures. There, activists often did not keep to the corona agreements, much to the frustration of the German health minister Spahn: “Demonstrations must also be possible in corona times. But not like that. ”
  • Have been in the Netherlands since Friday another 431 people tested positive. That is about 100 reports more than 24 hours earlier, according to data from the RIVM on Saturday. Most infections are still reported in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
  • Three catering establishments in Amsterdam have (partly) closed their doors after coronavirus infections were recorded this week. The GGD in Amsterdam asks people who have been to the cafes to be tested and to stay at home if they have complaints.
  • Of British Airways pilots have agreed to a temporary salary cut. As a result, the number of planned layoffs as a result of the corona crisis can be limited. Pilots will be paid 20 percent less for the time being.

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