Cabinet Approved: Changes in Restrictions on Gathering in Indoor Places


The Corona Cabinet this morning (Friday) approved changes to existing restrictions to curb the Corona plague. Ministers approved gatherings of up to 30 people in open spaces and 20 people in closed spaces. In places smaller than 80 square meters, up to 10 people can gather. The new restrictions will take effect this coming Sunday.

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The ministers also confirmed that occupancy in a public or business place other than a house of prayer or a restaurant can also be according to the calculation of one person per 7 square meters. In addition, the ministers also approved the extension of the definition of people living together .

Corona cabinet ministers have also confirmed that a food courier who has reached a person with a disability will be able to bring the shipment into his home – contrary to the directive that has been in place so far – to leave the details out of his door.

It appears that a gathering of up to 30 people will be allowed in an open space | Photo: Miriam Elster Flash 90

The decision will be brought to the approval of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the Knesset and, if approved, will take effect this coming Sunday. The Corona Committee, headed by MK Yifat Shasha Bitton, will not discuss the request, following the approval of the Corona Law last week. As a result, it is likely that someday there will be less opposition to the moves and they will be approved in their own words.

Meanwhile, last night the Ministry of Health announced that He calls on the general public to refrain from entering the community of Yarka – due to the high morbidity rate of the corona virus. There are 271 active patients in the northern locality, 213 of whom have been confirmed in the last week. According to data from the Ministry of Health, 1,333 new infections were detected in Corona at midnight, with 371 hospitalized in critical condition, of whom 110 were respirators. 651 people died from Corona in Israel, where there are now 24,425 active patients.

Despite the apparent relief, the week admitted Corona Supervisor Prof. Roni Gamzo In an interview with the main edition that the possibility of imposing closures was not dropped from the chapter. “The closure is still on the table,” he said. “Israel is making supreme efforts that are not being made in other countries to avoid closure.”


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