Buxton takes a closer look at Albon: ‘Even Max struggles’


Alexander Albon’s disappointment this year is largely due to the relatively moderate RB16. That is what Will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto, the two house presenters of the Formula 1.

“He doesn’t really think he’s struggling,” Barretto says. According to him, Albon points to his near-victory in Austria and fourth and fifth place in the two games thereafter. However, he is disappointing in the qualifications. So far, Max Verstappen’s teammate has already stranded twice in Q2.

‘If we look purely at the statistics, his season start is really not that bad. He has eleven points less than Verstappen ‘, Barretto continues. “The problem is that the expectations at Red Bull Racing are high if you drive next to Max Verstappen. For Alex, that is a pressure he has to deal with. ”

“We’ve seen this before with Pierre Gasly”

Buxton sees a comparison with other drivers who are put into the Red Bull Racing car quite quickly. Daniil Kvyat drove for the racing stable in 2015, while he only had one year of Formula 1 experience. The same also applied to Pierre Gasly in 2019, while Alexander Albon was stabled at Red Bull Racing after half a year.

All three drivers had or have difficulty with their form with the top team. “We’ve seen this before with Pierre (Gasly, ed.). It starts well, then the errors and therefore the doubts arise. That is a self-fulfilling prediction that reduces confidence, ‘Buxton notes. “But are we there with Alex yet?” He asks himself.

Even Max Struggles

According to Buxton, it also does not help that the RB16 is a less good car than last year’s RB15. “He almost finished on the podium in Brazil and almost won in Austria, but with a difficult to drive car, even Max struggles, it is difficult to find a level for him.”

Barretto agrees. “He has to pick it up. The car is simply not as good as last year’s. They are slower here in qualifying than last year. That exposes the difference. ” (photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)


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