Butchers and greengrocers see turnover increase enormously due to corona crisis NOW


The corona crisis is doing well with local specialty stores. Butchers, bakeries and greengrocers have seen their turnover in recent months increase by sometimes tens of percent, according to figures from GfK on Monday, which WE asked.

The figures, which surveyed ten thousand households, show that greengrocers saw their turnover increase by 40 percent in the second quarter compared to the second quarter of 2019. In butchers, turnover increased by 36 percent and in bakeries by 16 percent. In total, this involves around 55 million euros in additional turnover for specialist shops.

According to researcher Joop Holla, this increase in turnover is related to the corona crisis. “We were temporarily unable to eat outside, which made it more important to enjoy at home,” he told NU.nl. “And there were many initiatives to buy from local entrepreneurs. That also plays a role.”

He also thinks that some consumers, especially the elderly, would rather not go to the supermarket for fear of catching the virus.

“Easy to go to specialty store”

According to Holla, it also plays a role that consumers had more time due to working from home in recent months. “In recent decades, we have increasingly been going to convenience stores. Because people were now more at home, that convenience was less necessary and they went more easily to the specialty store around the corner.”

Incidentally, growth at specialty stores was not at the expense of supermarkets. They also saw their turnover increase, although the increase was smaller than at specialist shops.

Holla cannot predict whether specialty shops will remain popular. “This hard growth will certainly not continue,” he says. “We expect more people to be made redundant from the fall. This will increase the focus on price and may lead people back to the supermarket to save money.”


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