But in Sadigura: the late Rabbi Zvi Halevi


a a A But heavy in the Sadigura Chassidut with the news this morning (Sunday) of the death of the late Rabbi Zvi Halevi (Deutsch), one of the leaders in the Chassidut, and who served as the prayer leader for many years on the holy days and holidays, just two weeks after contracting the corona virus.

The deceased was born to his father, Rabbi Madrachi Menachem Halevi Yavalha, and was known as one of the people closest to the Rebbe, one of the leaders of the congregation, and one whose place was always among those sitting in the front row in Hasidism.

One of the followers of Sadigura says with pain that “the late Rabbi Zvi was a pleasant man of conversation, he used to always tell the stories of the righteous and say the words of the Torah of the Sadigura Rebbe for their generations, a true follower who made his way many times, whenever called, for the benefit of the land.” “In the last year in Los Angeles, despite the long flight hours.”

“We do not believe that we will celebrate the hakafot on Simchat Torah without Rabbi Hershel,” he says with pain.

The late Rabbi Zvi with the Rebbe of Sadigura (Photo: Sadigura Archives)

About two weeks ago, the deceased contracted the corona virus, since then his health began to deteriorate when this morning he returned his soul to its creator to the chagrin of family members and followers.

At his death he left behind his parents Yabalha, his wife Shethi, and his sons and daughters who walk the path of Torah and Hasidism.

His funeral is expected to take place in the coming hours.

May his soul be bundled in the bundle of life


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