But in Bnei Brak: the late Rebbe of the Guardians of the Faith passed away from Corona


But in the world of Hasidism: the Rebbe of Shomrei Emunim, the late Rabbi Raphael Aharon Rata, passed away this morning at the Sanz Laniado Medical Center in Netanya after contracting the corona virus at the age of 73.

Before Tisha B’Av he went to the hospital after severe breathing difficulties as a result of the corona virus since the Rebbe was anesthetized and resuscitated and all concentrations of Hasidism offered prayers for his well-being in recent days.

On the Rebbe’s funeral procession from his beit midrash on 4 Shefat Emet Street in Bnei Brak, and from there to the Mount of Olives, where Whitman near his ancestral plot, we will continue to be updated on the exact time.

The late Rebbe was born on the 17th of Cheshvan 5768 to his father, the Rebbe with the “Laws of Life” from the Guardians of the Faith, the grandson of the late Rebbe Aharon Rata, the owner of the “Guard of Faith”. His mother, Rebbetzin Batya Chaya, is the daughter of the late Admor Rabbi Mordechai Goldman of Zvahil, author of the Yikra Damlakha.

At the Simchat HaBrit of the late Rebbe, which was held during the life of his grandfather, the late Rabbi Gedaliah Moshe of Zvehel, who served as the godfather in his covenant. The Rebbe is named after his grandfather, Rabbi Aharon Rata, author of the above-mentioned Shomer Emunim.

In his election, the Rebbe studied at the Shomrei Emunim Yeshiva in Jerusalem and was authorized to teach by Rabbi Shmuel Tobias, Av Beit Din of Piatra Neamt.

His grandfather, Rabbi Aharon Rata, and his father, Rabbi Avraham Chaim, were in contact and met with the Rebbe in 1909 for long conversations and later with the Rebbe Melech Moshiach in correspondence.

After the departure of his father on 4 Elul 5772, the rabbi was appointed to follow in his father’s footsteps in the Beit Midrash in Bnei Brak.

The rabbi was known for his prayer and righteousness, and many sought to develop him for advice and blessing and would flock to the tables to hear the commandments of his teachings.

The rabbi left behind a blessed and blessed generation of 12 children, his sons continuing his path according to his will, Rabbi Mordechai Rata, and Rabbi Shlomo Rata, daughters and sons-in-law and descendants who continue his path.

And all the house of Israel shall mourn for the fire which the Lord has burned.


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