Busy at Schiphol test street: ‘We want to take our responsibility’


At the end of the morning, a row could already be seen in front of the test street at Schiphol, which was opened this morning. Travelers from a limited number of countries, including for example Aruba, can have themselves tested.

These travelers will receive a flyer from the GGD after landing. “We want to take our responsibility to ensure that we are at least certain that we do not spread the virus in the Netherlands,” says one of them.

‘If you are tested positive, it is an extra motivation to just stay at home’

traveler from aruba

Another points out that travelers from high-risk countries are still being asked to go into quarantine for two weeks. She is going to do that anyway. ‘If you are tested positive, it is an extra motivation to just stay at home.’

The Airmobile Brigade of Defense is doing part of the tests. The soldiers also helped set up the test street, keep the administration up and take the slime to laboratories. The unit previously helped in hospitals and nursing homes.

The leaflet that some travelers receive.

The test street is currently only accessible to a small number of travelers, because otherwise it will probably be too busy. For example, a man who had just come from Croatia was refused. “Only travelers on a limited number of flights are allowed,” says the man.

‘Only travelers on a limited number of flights are allowed, they say’

traveler from Croatia

In time, more tests will have to be done. ‘In the course of the week or weeks, it will have to become clear whether we can test everyone,’ says Saskia van Egmond of the GGD.

The test street can be found between arrival halls three and four, but it is not mandatory to do a corona test.

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