Businesses opened despite the restrictions, the audience remained confused


Across the country, business owners have chosen to continue with the routine, despite Corona restrictions banning their activities on weekends. In some cases, police officers came to the stores and called on them to close and not risk a fine and a summons to a hearing. “People do not know whether open or not, for small shops it is a death sentence”

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A day after the declaration of the chain revolt and the shopping centers, there were those across the country who opened the business today (Saturday) despite the corona restrictions prohibiting it, compared to others who expressed concern. The owner of the Factory 54 chain, Yossi Irani, who opened his stores, said that he knows of many stores that are open in the Tel Aviv port and Eilat, but the traffic is low because many of the people think the complexes are closed.

In some cases, business owners have encountered police enforcement. The manager of a large fashion store chain said that “five policemen came to the store, told us you are violating an order of the Ministry of Health, you have to close, if we come to you in our next round if you do not close you will get a fine, summons and order.”

The shopping center in Gan Shmuel, today (Photo: Shlomi Gabay)

However and in accordance with the revolt they have declared, not all stores are in a hurry to close. “I have spoken to the management and there is an order to keep the stores open,” he continued. “We are a big force together with the stores of Harel Wiesel, but the small stores for them 5,000 shekels is a death sentence. In the meantime, they have closed and they are inside the store waiting to see what will happen and if it will be possible to open.”

The owner of the “Nyou” store in the shopping center at the Bilu junction, Yaakov Peretz, said that five police officers came to the scene and asked the stores to close.

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The revolt of the chains and shopping centers: will open on Saturday – despite the restrictions

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Customers are confused. The BIG shopping center in Ashdod, today

Police forces sometimes come to visit, but it was the crowd that voted. “The crowd is super confused, people do not know whether it is open or not open, people come hesitantly,” described one of the store managers in an Iranian chain. “Even if the police do not close the place, people still think that everything is closed. In any case, this Saturday will be a 30% Saturday in sales from a regular Saturday. For me, sales are important to me, but a check is also important to me.”

The manager went on to claim that he did not see the presence of police officers in the Bilu compound. Some say he only warns stores and some say he gives reports. It meanwhile feels like rumors. I am currently standing at the entrance to the store and we will act accordingly as soon as someone comes to us. ”

Some of the stores also opened in the Gan Shmuel shopping center. The traffic in the place is awake, but not at the levels that business owners are used to seeing during routine times.

“We were instructed not to confront the police.” Ofer Mall, Petah Tikva (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Yesterday, the Business and Malls Forum ordered all the shopping centers that used to work on Saturday to continue operating as usual, despite the government’s decision to continue the closure for the third week in a row. This, in light of the position of the Ministry of Health, whose heads argued that there was no point in restricting.

In their announcement, the members of the forum accused the “ultra-Orthodox elements in the government” of leaving the restrictions in place and postponing the decision. “The issue has become religious coercion and has nothing to do with attempts to stop the epidemic,” they accused. “Unfortunately, we are once again facing shallow politics that drastically undermine the people’s trust. We will continue to maintain the purple mark and the health of our customers as on weekdays. The corona does not only appear on Saturdays.”

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The revolt of the chains and shopping centers: will open on Saturday – despite the restrictions

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The restrictions were approved yesterday in a telephone poll. Before him, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Ministry of Health Director General Prof. Hezi Levy, in which they presented the position of Gamzo and the Ministry of Health that restrictions on malls and shopping centers should be lifted. “.

The Ministry of Health mentioned in response to the business owners’ decision that they plan to formulate a uniform procedure as soon as possible that restricts gatherings in closed places in all industries and areas of life. According to them, the procedure will be formulated through a “round table” that will meet three times a week, chaired by Prof. Gamzo, with the participation of representatives of the various government ministries, and that steps on the restrictions will be brought to the Corona Cabinet this coming Monday.


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