Buijs continues to count on Robben’s absence: ‘The rest will be added automatically’


Arjen Robben will not be present on Saturday evening during the first exhibition match of FC Groningen, but trainer Danny Buijs is not worried at all. The Northerners do everything they can to get Robben ready for the first Eredivisie round.

Buijs informed FOX Sports interviewer Hans Kraay junior that he has a role as right winger or shadow striker – depending on the system of the system that FC Groningen will play – in mind for Robben. “I am not worried. I am absolutely convinced that he will make enough minutes for FC Groningen next season,” he added in front of the camera.

The trainer acknowledges that Robben can be of great value in the dressing room, but initially sees the 96-time Orange international as a selection player. “The most important thing for him is: first get fit and take those steps. And then the rest will come naturally,” said Buijs, who referred to a leadership role that Robben can play on the field. “When the stadium is full again, it will be very difficult to reach the players again. Then it seems logical – if you have such a player at your disposal – that he will take on such a role.”


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