Buijs appoints Robben captain at FC Groningen | NOW


Arjen Robben is the new FC Groningen captain. Trainer Danny Buijs officially gave the former international the band, he says on Sunday Daily newspaper of the North.

“He is the ultimate example for everyone,” said the coach, who made it a logical choice to make the returning captaincy. Robben made a surprising announcement earlier this summer to return to FC Groningen, after not having played for a year.

Mike te Wierik and Samir Memisevic were the leaders last season, but they left FC Groningen. Goalkeeper Sergio Padt previously also wore the captain’s armband, but he handed it in in 2018 after a trifle with a train conductor.

In addition to Robben, Bart van Hintum, Azor Matusiwa and Padt also play a leading role on and off the field.

“Of course you cannot put everything on Arjen’s shoulders. You also need two or three other boys besides him who help him and who bear responsibility. He should be able to focus mainly on football, not on all kinds of peripheral matters,” says Buijs.

On Saturday, Matusiwa wore the band in the exhibition game with Heracles Almelo, even though the midfielder said he wanted to leave earlier this summer. “I have the feeling that he has turned that button,” Buijs says about the former Ajax player.


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