Bug of feature? AirPods Pro ruis­onder­drukking soms spontaan aan – One More Thing


There is something special about the AirPods Pro. A number of users report that sometimes Apple’s wireless earphones automatically switch to noise canceling mode while switching to transparency mode. This without the intervention of the user.

We have received several messages from readers and we have also noticed it from time to time. Sometimes noise canceling is turned on briefly when the earbuds are in transparency mode. It also turns off by itself. It’s probably a hidden feature (or call it a bug).

AirPods Pro sometimes switch automatically

In the settings you can only switch between the different modes, but there is no such thing as enabling dynamic switching. However, AirPods Pro sometimes do this when they are in transparency mode and suddenly there is a loud noise in the environment. Think of a whistle, screaming child, raging car or siren.

This is apparently a hidden feature of the AirPods Pro. If the transparency mode aggravates an external sound, the software will try to compensate for this by activating the active noise cancellation itself. One of the users even said that he noticed it on only one of his headphones, the one on the side where the sound came from.

Click / tap for larger. (Screenshot: OMT / Raymon Mens)

Those of us who have AirPods Pro don’t use transparency mode or only occasionally. The observations described above are therefore difficult to reproduce. If this happened to you before, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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