Brussels residents are tired of rules: ‘half of them don’t wear a mask’


The mouth mask obligation in Brussels is currently not properly observed. “I saw this morning that half of them are not wearing a face mask,” says Inge Neven, head of the competent health inspection.

She said this this morning at a press conference of the Brussels-Capital Region. She fears that there will be a fatigue for complying with the rules. Cousin was able to determine this herself after she left the Brussels metro this morning. Because the number of daily infections in the region has risen to an average of more than 50 per 100,000 people, a mouth mask obligation has been in force since Wednesday, but not everyone adheres to that, according to her.

At Thursday’s press conference, Neven emphasized that the fight against the corona virus is a joint struggle between the government, citizens and the medical world. ‘Everyone’s behavior counts’.

Cousins ​​wonder how we can’t make corona fatigue worse. She warns against demonstrations against the corona policy, as we have already seen in Germany. ‘That is certainly not what we want. We must watch over that. ‘

She therefore proposes to make a ‘positive story’. ‘Now we constantly point out to people what is not allowed. We have to point out to people what is possible, and that we want to ensure that schools can open and that we can avoid more measures. ‘


In the Brussels Region, an average of 55.4 infections per 100,000 inhabitants was diagnosed daily in the past week. Compared to last week, this is still an increase of about 50 percent. The number of hospitalizations rose less sharply, by 26 percent to 71 occupied beds.

The number of infections does show strong differences between the municipalities. In Anderlecht there are 89 infections per 100,000, in Uccle that is only 26.


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