Brussels is looking for 15 ambassadors to tackle food waste at home


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The city of Brussels is looking for fifteen inhabitants who will train it so that they can drastically reduce their food waste at home. Among other things, they will discover where they can best store certain products in the refrigerator and how they can save more than 400 euros every year.

The city of Brussels wants to do something about food waste in the city and also looks at consumers, because they are the link in the food chain that lets most food go to waste. Brussels Environment is therefore launching the Food Waste Mission Brussels (FoodWIN) campaign, in which it is looking for fifteen people who want to fight food waste in their own homes as ambassadors. In exchange, the participants receive a lot of useful tips with which they can save a lot of food and money.

Loick Bekaert of FoodWIN vzw explains: “Since burgers waste the most, about 173 kg per year, they also have a lot to gain. That is why we are looking for 15 motivated people from Brussels who want to prove that things can be done differently. They are trained by nutrition experts who teach them the most important actions in the fight against food waste, such as waste-free cooking, optimal storage, good planning, smart buying…. It can save them a lot: as a family you can save up to € 445.72 per year, just by throwing away less food (Fusions).

Correct place in the refrigerator

Loick is determined: “With the campaign, we want to show that those who have the right knowledge are able to drastically reduce the amount of food in their bin at home. For example, you can store food longer by placing it in the right place in your refrigerator, because it is not cold everywhere. Knowing the difference between the different expiration dates, or cooking with the lesser-known parts of vegetables that you would otherwise throw away are also good tips. ”

Every resident of Brussels can register before 31/08 to become one of the 15 ambassadors via


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