Brussels Airport is working on a mobile test lab for travelers


Brussels Airport will set up a mobile lab by September where travelers can have themselves tested for the corona virus. Anyone who leaves or arrives from an orange or red zone can immediately get tested.

The mobile lab will be located just outside the airport terminal. Passengers, departing or returning, will be given the option to have a PCR test taken. Brussels Airport has announced in a press release that the tests will be analyzed on site. With a rapid test, the airport promises that the result will be available within 3 hours, with a standard test within an average of 9 hours.

“Public health has been a top priority for Brussels Airport since the start of the corona crisis,” says CEO Arnaud Feist. ‘That’s why we decided to go a step further and enable covid-19 testing at the airport in a new mobile lab. For example, those returning from a red zone can have themselves tested immediately upon arrival at Brussels Airport. Departing passengers can also have themselves tested there. ‘

The price tag does depend on the situation. Anyone who returns from a red zone ‘receives’ the NIHDI rate of 46.81 euros. But departing passengers pay EUR 67 for a standard test and EUR 135 for the rapid test.


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