Brunswick: Suriname has not shown joint responsibility against COVID-19


“We have not yet been able to share that common responsibility to face COVID-19.” For example, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk spoke at the government press conference on Monday, August 3.

The VP emphasizes that the situation in Suriname is serious. “COVID-19 is given too much opportunity to threaten public health and thus the economy and social situation.” He called the creation of a new COVID Management Structure one of the decisions taken in the past three meetings of the Council of Ministers that were sanctioned by President Chandrikapersad Santokhi. This structure includes a policy team led by the Vice President himself and a Task Force with broad representation led by the Minister of Health.

The government official noted that there should be a change in the assumption of responsibility. “We need to learn to live with COVID-19 and adjust our behavior so that we can live normal lives with the COVID virus,” said the vice president. He stressed that we as a society are under an obligation to protect ourselves and to comply more than ever with the measures mandated by the President.

The vice president continues by stating that we will test together in the next three days if we understand the measures and can stick to them. “If we fail these three days for that test, among other things that there are fewer people on the street, no gathering on the corners of the street and or at shops, the government will be forced to act more stringently,” said the VP. .

He warned that all of our health is at risk and that it should not get worse. “Your help is needed in this”. He further indicated that more people will probably get sick in the coming days. VP Brunswijk: “Unfortunately, we can’t stop that anymore. What we need to do together is stick to the measures. Hygiene is important and keeping distance is important. This way we can stop the further spread. ”

Brunswijk said that on Monday 3 August, a crisis management team within the Taskforce was busy determining the lines for the coming period with the advice of the Outbreak Management Team of Public Health.

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