British corona tests promise a decision within 90 minutes, but whether it works?


Now it often takes 24 hours or more to determine if someone is infected with the coronavirus, because the results are processed in a laboratory, not at the test site. Thanks to ‘the most innovative technology’, clarity will soon be ‘within 90 minutes’, said British Health Minister Matt Hancock.

Also, the new corona tests may differentiate between the corona virus and the flu, which the government says will be extremely valuable in the coming winter months.

Pocket “Laboratory”

How it works? Think of it as a complete laboratory, which fits in the palm of your hand, according to the director of DnaNudge. His company normally gives customers nutritional advice based on their DNA, and developed one of the two test methods.

“It’s quite simple,” he says. “You use a strip with which you take DNA in your mouth or nose. You put that in the cartridge.” Then the box does the work. Simply put, the device reads the DNA and searches for a response that detects the coronavirus. No medical training is required before use.

Another test, called LamPORE, works similarly. Oxford Nanopore, the company behind the test, supplies devices that can also be used on location. Think of test streets, but also at schools, for example, says the director. The company has developed machines in two sizes.

Many question marks

Medical experts are enthusiastic, but some are also reluctant. For example, the British government has not yet made clear how accurate the tests are.

Dutch immunologist Ger Rijkers has his doubts. “We do not know how good the test is. And anything can happen. Imagine such a device is in a test street and it will be a beautiful summer day, with a temperature above 30 degrees. Then I do not put my hand on it. fire that the results are the same on a cold day. ” In other words, is the test equally reliable under all circumstances? Rijkers doubts: “It’s a bit of a hasty decision.”

Previous bad buys

Criticism is also heard in Great Britain. “This technology is new and it is important to test it. There are no independent studies of it,” a professor from Birmingham University told The Guardian.

He adds that the government has previously purchased useless tests from Johnson. In April, 3.5 million home tests, which Prime Minister Johnson said would be groundbreaking, were ultimately found not to be reliable enough. “They bought tests based on what companies said.”

Nevertheless, the first tests will be used from next week. The British government wants to increase the test capacity from 300,000 to 500,000 tests per day.


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