Bridget Maasland is pushing RTL4 into trouble


RTL 4 is currently struggling with a significant late evening dip. Feel free to call it a novice viewing figure swamp. After Gooische Women-repeats had to make way because of disappointing viewing figures, was allowed by Bridget Maaslands The weakest link try it (also with repetitions), but … that doesn’t work either.

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Gooische Women Scored around 200,000 viewers at the same time a while ago and sometimes even went up to 300,000. Still, RTL took Cheryl Morero straight off the screen. It may be a little miracle that showbiz phenomenon Bridget and her The weakest link-reruns have not yet been picked up …

The weakest link

If we take the figures from the KijkOnderzoek foundation, we see that Bridget’s quiz quiz knows how to break pots. It started in and in bad, but the viewers remained ieniemienie for days. Around 132:30 yesterday, only 132,000 people watched. We could be joking about the program title now in combination with the lousy ratings, but … we’re holding back.

RTL 4 in trouble

RTL 4 has with the Ruben Nicolai quiz I know everything about it! at least another eve hit (707,000 viewers), that eases the pain a bit, but as you can see the late night just won’t work. Whether broadcaster Peter van der Vorst intervenes again? That could be possible, but not anywhere. For example, viewing figure queen Eva Jinek returns in mid-August with her late evening talk show, and it undoubtedly scores better than any repeat. It could also be that the channel takes its loss and continues to nibble on the sour apple for a few more weeks. Speaking of acid, that’s it, this situation. Due to the corona crisis, the channel could of course produce fewer new programs. The repeat circus can therefore be explained …

I know all about it, Ruben Nicolai, William RuttenPhoto: William Rutten


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