BREAKING! Renault wins protest against illegal brake ducts Racing Point


Racing Point’s Formula 1 team has lost the lawsuit over the legality of its car’s brake ducts. Renault had protested to the FIA ​​and was proven right. Racing Point receives a hefty fine and also has to surrender its fifteen World Cup points from the Grand Prix in Steiermark.

Renault has filed three protests with the FIA ​​against Racing Point. According to the French, the RP20 is equipped with brake ducts, which were copied from the Mercedes car of last year. The FIA ​​has since dealt with this case and has come to a painful conclusion. Racing Point brake ducts are indeed illegal and should absolutely not have been used. The Silverstone formation will not only be fined 400,000 euros, but the team will also have to surrender its accumulated World Cup points from the Steiermark Grand Prix. Only a warning has been received for the races in Hungary and Silverstone.

In the official assessment of the FIA, it can be read that a fine has been issued for both Racing Point cars. Both Sergio Pérez’s and Lance Stroll’s cars have to be paid 200,000 euros. In addition, the stewards have taken seven and a half World Cup points per driver, which means that Racing Point loses no less than fifteen expensive points in the constructors’ championship. For the Grands Prix in Hungary and Great Britain, the stewards decided to hand out only one reprimand. This really means that Racing Point is no longer allowed to use these brake ducts this weekend.

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Although Racing Point has been lucky enough to only be punished for the Steiermark Grand Prix, they must hand in expensive World Cup points. As a result, one will drop a place in the constructors’ championship. The British formation was in fifth place with 42 points, but will now drop with 27 points to sixth place in the standings. This puts it under Renault, the team that now benefits twice from its own protest.

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