Boston Fury: “Judges Help Endocombo”


1:28 To end the game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics and in a 107: 107 tie, the referees whistled for a valid offense by Bucks star Yannis Endocombo over Marcus Smart. This was supposed to be the sixth offense of the Greek who was supposed to end the game. But the referees changed their decision, Yannis stayed on the floor and led his team to a 112: 119 victory.

Marcus Smart did not like that whistle and hinted that the judges helped Yannis: “Everyone knows what was there. The judges saw it was Endocombo’s sixth offense and they did not want him out. Let’s call the boy by his name.”

Yannis goes up to the basket (Photo: Getty Images)

Endocombo complimented his opponent: “I respect him as a player, everyone has their opinions. Marcus Smart is a wonderful player. He always chooses to keep the opponent’s best player. He thought I had something personal against him, but that’s not true. I just I want to help my team win. “

Bucks coach Mike Bodenholzer added: “Obviously I was glad Yannis didn’t come out with six fouls, I’m human. It was a tough decision by the refereeing team, but I’m glad they made that decision.”

Portland Bosnian center Joseph Norkich spoke candidly after his team’s victory over Memphis about the difficult time he was going through: “I decided to play even though it’s the hardest time of my life. My grandmother is in a coma because of the corona. People do not understand that this disease is real and dangerous, wear a mask. We are lucky that we are protected here in a closed bubble. ” Norkich recorded a great game of 18 points, 9 rebounds, 6 blocks and 5 assists. On his decision to play, the Bosnian said: “There are difficult situations in life, we have to try to move forward. The team trusts me to play.”

“He deserves a lot of credit for choosing to play today,” complimented teammate CJ McCollum: “I saw his head was somewhere else, and he still played with us. I realized he didn’t sleep all night, but on the pitch it was completely different.”

Photo: EPANorkich sinks (Photo: EPA)


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