Boston death penalty perpetrator reversed on appeal


The brothers detonated pressure cookers filled with nails and other sharp objects near the finish. Three people were killed and more than 260 others were injured. Tsarnaev was sentenced to death by a jury in 2015.

Not an honest jury

Three judges have now reversed that sentence on appeal. The court determined that the jury that dealt with the case was presumably biased. Having seen a lot of shocking footage before the trial, they would have found Tsarnaev guilty beforehand. The judge ruled that there was a shortcoming in the formation of an honest jury.

That is why the court wants to see whether Tsarnaev deserves the death penalty. His life sentence is not up for debate. “Make no mistake, it is certain that Tsarnaev will be in prison for the rest of his life. The only question is whether he will be executed,” said the judge.

Tsarnaev is trapped in the secluded ‘Supermax prison’ in Colorado, also known as the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’ due to extreme security. His brother was shot dead by the police during their arrest.

Trump: ridiculous

US President Trump has also commented on the ruling. He called Tsarnaev a “beast” and the decision to reconsider his death sentence “ridiculous.”

It is not yet clear which court will consider the death penalty. In theory, justice can also go to the Supreme Court. The Public Prosecution Service says it is still considering next steps.


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