Borgerhout: “corona hotspot” in Antwerp


The neighborhoods around Borgerhout are not spared either. Deurne (166), Dam, Seefhoek and Stuivenberg (143) and the area with postcode 2018 (90) are also severely affected. The city center (with postcode 2000) has only 20 infections. Hoboken (43), Berchem (39) and Wilrijk (26) are slightly higher.

If Antwerp was in Germany, the city would go completely into lockdown

Antwerp scores a positivity ratio of 5.8 percent. In concrete terms, this means that 5.8 percent of all people tested prove positive for Covid-19. This ratio also serves as a yardstick to know whether enough is being tested.

Six out of ten cases are under the age of 40, almost eight in ten are under the age of 50. Only about 40 cases are over the age of 70. The fear is that young people who are infected are passing the disease on to the older population. The statistics already indicate an increase in hospital admissions.

Antwerp has an incidence rate of 189. This is a parameter that determines the number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past seven days. Germany uses that parameter to set a threshold for decisions about local lockdowns. The German border is at 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Antwerp is almost four times higher. This means that if Antwerp were located in Germany, the city would have been completely locked down for a long time.


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