Boekhoorn is not yet finished with Hema


Former Hema owner Marcel Boekhoorn is not finished with the retail chain yet. Together with the Dutch investment company Parcom and Jumbo family Van Eerd, he now even has the best credentials to buy Hema.


That writes the Financieele Dagblad (FD). It is not entirely unexpected that Boekhoorn is making another offer for Hema, says Jan Braaksma, journalist at the FD. ‘From the moment Boekhoorn lost Hema, it has been speculated that he would try to get it back, the only question was how.’


There is now an answer to that question: via the Dutch investment company Parcom. Boekhoorn is co-financer there, just like the Jumbo family Van Eerd. Braaksma believes that Parcom has the best credentials, despite Hema having bad experiences with private equity. “Parcom can provide a good strategy, it does not change course 180 degrees.”

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Parcom is a private equity house that originated from insurer NN. The medium-sized investment company has interests in, among others, the former Imtech Marine and telecom price fighter Simpel.


In mid-June, Hema came into the hands of a group of creditors, who in exchange forgiven € 300 million in claims. The new owners have started a sales process and want to get rid of the retail chain as soon as possible. In addition to Parcom, according to rumors, two or three parties are serious candidates to become the new owner of Hema.

Entrepreneur Marcel Boekhoorn during the press conference about the acquisition of HEMA, in 2018.ANP


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