Blue and White will not participate in tomorrow’s vote to limit Netanyahu’s candidacy in the election


Ahead of tomorrow’s vote on a private member’s bill by Yesh Atid and Yair Lapid, which is supposed to limit Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s candidacy in the next election, the Blue and White faction announced that they will be absent from the vote.

A white brush said: “Our principled position on the issue has not changed and will not change, but at this time, it is only an attempt to destabilize the entire political system. In the midst of one of the most serious crises in the country’s history, we choose to do To cut off Israeli society. ”

They also said in blue and white that they were urging all factions, including the Likud, to approve a long-term budget. “The time has come to approve a long-term budget that will give the public economic certainty that it is like breathing air for him. Anyone who acts differently, history will judge him as someone who has worked for himself and against the Israeli public,” it said.

The coalition’s chairman, MK Miki Zohar, also referred to the vote tomorrow morning in the plenum and said that all Likud members would have to be present. “This is due to the intention of blue and white people to be absent from the vote on Lapid’s law.” According to Zohar, “Tomorrow the situation is close in terms of coalition-opposition and the law against the prime minister will be put to a vote by Yesh Atid.”

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Bnei Gantz will enter Sheba Hospital today (Tuesday) for an orthopedic medical procedure on his back. According to a statement he sent: “This is an injury that the Minister of Defense has been carrying for many years since his years of military service as a paratrooper commander, and in recent months the situation has worsened.”

Following Gantz’s announcement of his entry into back medical treatment, the black flag protesters announced that they had canceled the demonstration in front of his home in Rosh HaAyin, tonight.

Earlier, Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the Hatzor Air Force base, where in response to a question about the budget, he said that a budget must be passed soon “in order to meet the needs of the squadrons and the IDF array, both to give us protection and to give us an attack.”

Netanyahu also referred to the blue and white ultimatum, to pass the law postponing the state budget within 24 hours and said “I do not deal with ultimatums. I think a budget should be transferred immediately, both for security needs and for the state. We need to open the school year, all supplementary study , All the community centers, all the aura program, daycares, all the things the families expect – we can not move it if we wait for a biennial budget in a few months. We need it now. On the other hand, if we transfer a budget now for a few months, we have solved this problem and then go to the budget of 2021 with a calm heart and also with a willing mind. “


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