‘Black Saturday’ causes more than 700 kilometers of traffic jams in …


Around 12 o’clock on Saturday there was about 760 kilometers of traffic jam on the French highways. Mobility organization VAB reported this.

Saturday is the first ‘black Saturday’ in France and perhaps also the busiest Saturday of the summer holiday on the roads to the south. In combination with the predicted heat, this can become dangerous: the VAB warns drivers to take regular breaks and to bring enough water into the car.

The peak was reached around 12.10 p.m. according to the VAB. Then there was 760 kilometers of traffic jam on the French highways. It is especially busy on the Autoroute du Soleil in the direction of the South of France: motorists have to queue there for more than 4 hours. On the Paris-Bordeaux-Spain route, this is more than 3 hours.

If you want to leave for France today, it is best to leave only after 2 pm. This way you will only reach the difficult traffic points when the largest traffic jams have already been solved. Even better, according to VAB, is not to leave until Sunday. Then less traffic is expected on the relevant highways.

In other countries, too, traffic jams are blowing. Between Austria and Slovenia for example, drivers should allow for 6 hours delay on the route between Salzburg-Villach-Karawankentunnel.


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