“Black day” on holiday roads: long traffic jams in France and major problems in Austria


“The crowds started very early,” said VRT traffic expert Hajo Beeckman. In France, on the A10 from Paris to Bordeaux and on the A7 from Lyon to Orange, on the well-known Autoroute du Soleil, you had to take into account delays of more than 3 hours this morning. All in all, it would be better for a black Saturday for the time being.

The peak in traffic jams is only expected between 1 and 2 p.m., although the wider time frame for traffic jams is between 10 and 4 p.m. “At some bottlenecks, crowds can continue until 7 pm, but traffic jams will shrink from 4 pm,” Beeckman says, giving following tips: “Departure today after 1 pm, you will arrive at those bottlenecks when the worst traffic jams are gone. Or leave tomorrow, if possible, then much less traffic jams are expected.”


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