BIZARRE. Burger King customer has job student shot dead because of “too long waiting time”


AFP / M. Ngan

A woman in Orange County, California, had a job student from burger chain Burger King diverted because she said her order was taking too long.

According to the local TV channel WKMG, the shooting incident happened around 6:30 PM last Saturday. Upon arrival, the police found 22-year-old job student Desmond Armond Joshua in the parking lot. He was in a very bad condition due to a bullet wound. The young person in his twenties was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to one witness, it was particularly busy that night in the hamburger restaurant, and the drive-thru also had a long queue, forcing customers to wait longer than usual for their order.


When her patience had run out, a woman in her car got out and shouted at the employees that she would send her husband to the restaurant. After that threat, she received the money she paid for her order, $ 40, and was asked to leave.

The woman then stood in the parking lot for a few more minutes before driving off and returning a little later, this time accompanied by a man in a white truck. The man, 37-year-old Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes, challenged Joshua to fight. When a bystander intervened, Rodriguez-Tormes took a stranglehold on the job student. When the same witness intervened again, the perpetrator rushed to his truck to get his firearm. “You have two seconds before I shoot,” he said to Joshua before firing a shot.

Shortly afterwards, both the perpetrator and the woman in question fled in their cars. The two were quickly located and arrested on charges of first-degree murder. According to the police, Joshua had only started working in the Burger King a few days earlier.


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