Birgit Van Mol is struggling with a strange condition after coronavirus: “We are now five months further”


Instagram / @ birgit.vanmol

VTM news anchor Birgit Van Mol contracted the corona virus five months ago. In the meantime she can be seen on television again, but she is still not fully recovered. She continues to struggle with a nasty condition. “But I can live with it”, it sounds.

Birgit Van Mol may have been cured of a mild form of the corona virus, but she still suffers from it. The 52-year-old news anchor has had a strange feeling on her tongue. “My tongue feels permanently burnt and I don’t taste my food like I used to. At times I also smell nothing. In the beginning, the virologists said it could take up to two months, so I always assumed things would be fine again. But now we are five months on and I am starting to doubt it. Anyway, I can live with it. Some people have permanent heart or lung problems. Or much worse, die from it, ”she says in Dag Allemaal.

Sick husband

An additional risk was that her husband René has a life-threatening autoimmune disease that causes heart problems, among other things. “So I isolated myself for three weeks. Our dog Sambal was the only one I was allowed to hug, dogs wouldn’t transmit the virus that quickly. The doctor had advised me to take walks in nature, so I did come out regularly with Sambal. Obviously with a lot of distance from everything and everyone, and alone in the forest or the field. Once a day our family was allowed to eat together, for the social aspect, but also on méters of each other. Everything I had touched and the place where I had been were afterwards disinfected. And then I went back to my room with a mask and gloves on for the rest of the day. All to protect René ”, it sounds.


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