Bill Clinton was at Jeffrey Epstein’s parties


While Irvine says he knows Clinton was at the party, he has no further details. “I remember he was hanging out there too.” According to Irvine, it was normal for influential people to attend Epstein’s parties.

It’s not the first time anyone has said Clinton attended Epstein’s party. Virginia Giuffre previously stated that Clinton was also on Epstein’s so-called ‘orgy island’. The former president of the United States has always denied those claims.

Back to former F1 driver Irvine. He says he has seen Epstein and his ex Ghislaine Maxwell at parties with Virginia Giuffre. “I had no idea they were trading underage girls. I remember seeing her a few times, but I would have said she was 20. I never saw young girls.”

Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested by the police after months without a trace. The lawsuit against her started shortly after. You can see everything about this in the video below.


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