Big problem Anderlecht: ‘Not surprising that they score hard’


In the last test towards the competition start, RSC could not convince Anderlecht. Against Lille OSC it went down 2-0. Purple and white seems to have some problems.

According to The last news Vincent Kompany and Frank Vercauteren already have a starting eleven in mind, including Killian Sardella and Elias Cobbaut in the starting line-up. We don’t get to see Yari Verschaeren in midfield. The trio Zulj, Lokonga, Vlap is preferred over the Red Devil.

Up front, however, is the big problem at Anderlecht. In addition to flanks Amuzu and Jérémy Doku, only Antoine Colassin is an option in the striker ‘There is a striker problem’, the daily newspaper writes. “Then it should come as no surprise that scoring is difficult.”

“Even in the previous friendly matches, it was difficult to achieve and even now there was not much threat. If Anderlecht was dangerous, it was usually due to Doku, who could easily pass his opponent, but that did not lead to goals, ‘it sounds.

Anderlecht also seem to realize that a new striker is needed. For example, Mustapha Bundu (Aarhus) and Paul Mukairu of Antalyaspor were linked to the inhabitants of Brussels.


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