Big Fashion claimed that the closure was due to ultra-Orthodox coercion! – And my father Amsalem went out of his way


The ‘Big Fashion’ shopping center in Ashdod went against the restrictions on weekends, which prohibit the opening of shops and shopping complexes.

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In a statement from the shopping center, the public was called upon to come on Saturday to support small businesses: “The economy must be saved! BIG centers stand by our small business friends, who are in existential danger and lose their livelihoods. We call on the public to come and strengthen them, and also buy on Shabbat. ”

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A statement issued to the public also read: “Enough of the ultra-Orthodox coercion! Fed up!!! This weekend we all go out and shop in stores. ”

According to the owners of the center, the closure was not lifted over the weekend due to the opposition of the ultra-Orthodox ministers on Thursday, and that the decision on whether to remove it will reach the Corona committee only on Monday.

The announcement of Big Fashion in Ashdod:

The acting mayor, Avi Amsalem of Shas, reacted sharply to the incitement: “Big fashion, be ashamed. “Two days after Tisha B’Av and the reckoning of the soul over the destruction of the Temple, in ‘Big Fashion’ they actually multiply in free hatred.”

He stressed: “If it is not enough that for years the Big Society has been encouraging mass Sabbath desecrations against the opinions of the traditional people, now they have increased their boldness and incitement against the ultra-Orthodox public and the traditionalist by presenting the weekend closure of the government and the Ministry of Health as ultra-Orthodox. No less and no more. To see and not to believe.

“Big ‘management, I have news for you, the ultra-Orthodox are not the ones responsible for the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. If you have any complaints, you are welcome to contact the government and the competent authorities and not repeatedly throw mud at an entire public. ”

He added: “My dear residents of Ashdod, I call on you to support and encourage small businesses within the city, and not to buy in ‘Big Fashion’ that you have hated, split and incited.”


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