Bidding about goldcrest in full swing: 30 million euros not enough for Jonathan David? – Transfer news


The dream transfer is getting a little closer every day and that would also involve a record amount. But it is (far) far from that, because the player and club think a little differently about it.

The group believes that it can compete with Club Brugge for the title even without Jonathan David and the Canadian himself prefers not to play in the preparation for the time being.

Are you afraid of an injury that would make his dream transfer go up in smoke? In The voice of the North they are already clear: the negotiations with Lille are at an advanced stage.


David himself would like to go to the Northern French club, Lille would like to give up to 30 million euros for the Canadian goldcrest.

The question remains: will Ghent agree on this? They are fencing off with a bid from Leeds United of 35 million euros The last news. A deal should therefore not be expected in the first days, it sounds.


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