Bibi, the citizens of Israel have paid for the chair you are sitting on


Opposition leader Yair Lapid said recently (Wednesday) in the Knesset plenum: “We paid for the chair you are sitting on now. It is not yours. It belongs to the citizens of Israel. You are not the landlord here. You are an employee. I am an employee, we are all, the whole building This is, employees of the citizens of Israel. You know why the protesters are coming to Balfour because they are the landlords. This is not your house, this is their home, they came to tell you that the contract is over. They will not fire you because they are leftists. They will not fire you because they are anarchists. , Or disease spreaders, or any of the ugly names you called them. They’ll fire you for a much simpler reason. Much more prosaic. They’ll fire you because you’re not doing a good job. You can not stand what you are doing to the political system. ”

MK Lapid added: “I will tell you something that is completely foreign to your corporate culture. I will not replace you – we will replace you. This is the biggest difference between us. I am not alone. Unlike you, I am part of a group. From a team perspective. I lead a group. Who knows how to work together. It’s not just people from my party. It’s from all parties. This building is full of smart and experienced people I know and love to work with. Yvette, Naftali, people in the Likud, in blue and white. Together. In the ultra-Orthodox parties there are people I work with excellently. I was on Saturday I walked around the demonstrators, and I understood what scared you so much. The birth of hope. For the first time in a long time, hope was reborn. They talk about healing. Healing from the disease. Healing for the economy. Healing for disconnection. “Enough of ourselves. It’s time to start healing. We will despair of ourselves enough. The time of hope has come.”

archives. Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Adina Velman


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