Bezeq launches Be Home 2.0 – the next generation of the smart home


Bezeq launched the service today (Wednesday, August 5) Be Home 2.0, The new generation of Bezeq’s smart home service that comes in collaboration with the global company, when it allows you to manage a variety of detectors and smart switches and remotely monitor what is happening at home simply and conveniently from the company’s dedicated application.

Bezeq’s new smart home service replaces the service it launched back in 2015, based on the company’s smart Be router, which comes as part of the collaboration between Bezeq and, one of the leading and largest Internet companies in the world, which provides services to 6 million households and operates about 100 million various connected devices in 42 countries around the world.

Bezeq’s smart home is managed using the company’s smart app, which comes with a simple interface in the Hebrew language that knows how to connect all the detectors, define scenarios and pre-determine actions that will take place automatically. When the Be router serves as the dedicated coordinator of the various smart home products that include: smart camera, air conditioner detector, flood detector, motion detector, door / window detector, shutter switch, heater switch and available lighting switch At a price starting at NIS 9.90 for 3 years in addition to a fixed usage fee of NIS 14.90.
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Bezeq Smart Home Price List (Bezeq Source)

The Leizerowitz Foundation, Bezeq’s VP of Marketing and Innovation:

There are many products on the market today under the heading of a smart home, but the uniqueness of Bezeq is that we offer a holistic smart home service, which allows control of a variety of detectors in one application. We do not only sell the detectors, we offer the customer an end-to-end service, from installing the components in the customer’s home to setting up the application according to his needs. The smart home service was built in full cooperation with the manufacturer Alarm, with the goal in front of our eyes being to produce a simple and easy-to-operate service, based on the use of the most innovative and advanced product that provides the customer with an impressive user experience. The launch of the new service was preceded by a long and in-depth preparation activity, while analyzing the customer’s needs and examining the technological capabilities currently available in the market. A study we conducted prior to the launch of the service shows that each home has over 10 connected devices on average and about 30% of homes in Israel today are already smart.

Bezeq’s smart home service is available for a monthly usage fee of NIS 14.90, with the monthly price being added to the cost of the detectors and smart switches available for sale in 36 installments in a price range of NIS 9.90 to NIS 14.90, depending on the type of smart accessory.

On the occasion of the launch of the new service, Bezeq offers a bundle that includes a camera, an air conditioner switch and three security detectors for the customer to choose (flood, door and traffic) at a price of NIS 54.90 for 36 months, which includes installation by a certified Bezeq technician. -14.90, the normal monthly usage cost.

With a fixed monthly payment of about NIS 15 and a monthly cost of sensors ranging from NIS 10 to NIS 15 per month for 3 years, Bezeq’s Be Home 2.0 system is far from being the cheapest solution on the market, but if it is a convenient solution for users to use. Who do not have extensive technical knowledge who are still interested in a uniform, fast and convenient smart home solution.

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