Beyoncé wears earrings from Antwerp designer: “I could …


“An email from a Beyoncé stylist? I didn’t believe it. ” Nadine Veldman sent them anyway, the 25 euro earrings from her collection. To experience “the height of happiness” yesterday: in one of the clips of the album Black is king Pearlii Drops effectively dangle from the ears of the American superstar.

“I can’t describe what went through my mind, because I’ve been a fan of Beyoncé since she was with Destiny’s Child. It was so emotional that I was crying, ”Nadine still trembles.

As it should be, Nadine also got the earrings neatly returned. “But I don’t touch them! They are still in the bubble wrap in which I got them back. I’m going to give those jewels a very special place. ” When a famous person wears a certain item of clothing or accessory, the demand for it immediately increases. When Princess Elisabeth wore a Belgian leggings for a photo shoot earlier this year, sales promptly doubled. “My offer is not that big, but who wants the same earrings can still buy them. In four colors even. And the price just stays at 25 euros. ”


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