Beyoncé: The locks from the new visual album Black Is King


Beyoncé has launched a new visual album and clip with dozens of colorful looks by designers from around the world – including two from Israel. So what is behind the most talked about project on the net and who got to dress up Kevin Bee? all the details

Beyonce launches Ivy Park in Adidas (Photo: Beyoncé official Instagram)
(In the video: Beyonce in the Ivy Park campaign for Adidas)

If there’s anything that took over social media this past weekend, it’s Beyonce’s new visual album. Kevin Bee has launched her new project called “Black Is King”, which is available for viewing to Disney Plus subscribers, as well as a new clip for the song “Already”. The star’s visual album, inspired by the movie “The Lion King”, in which she took part in a remake in 2019 when she voiced the character of Nella, has become an entire Kevin Bee project aimed at empowering the African-American community.

The photos were taken in different cities and countries around the world such as South Africa, Belgium, London, New York and Los Angeles and the team behind them is also diverse in terms of origin and color. “The events of 2020 have made the vision and message of the film even more relevant,” Beyoncé wrote on her Instagram page. “We are all looking for security and light. In this album I present elements from the history of the black community and the African tradition with a modern twist and a universal message, in order to show the meaning of self-identity and heritage building.”

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Beyonce wears oak birch in the new visual album (Photo: PR)

However, we are here to talk about the great style moments in the project – and there are quite a few. In Beyoncé’s visual album you can see dozens of different looks, all of which were chosen by the close stylist Zarina Akers. The result – a real fashion celebration with a combination of super fashion houses and new designers in the industry when all the looks lift up to the African culture in one way or another, at least through the eyes of Ackers. Two moments of national pride were also recorded there.

Beyonce wears a shiny mottled overall plus Valentino gloves (screenshot)

So what did Beyoncé wear in the film in question that will still become iconic in the test of time? A glittery mottled overall plus Valentino gloves alongside Louboutin heels, a white dress with a deep neckline and two slits in a personal design by Wendy Nicole, a skirt and top in a yellow Pussy Come cut by Belmain, a suit in a Barbary cow print designed for Kevin Bee by Ricardo Tishi, As well as a scribbled outfit full of Poppy-style slogans and slogans.

The half-moon suit by French designer Marin Sir, which Beyoncé has previously worn in various colors and also recorded an important Instagram moment when Adele decided to pargan for Beyonce’s new creation in the same top. Also in the endless fashion repertoire in the film: a floral dress by Erdem, a colorful outfit by Mugler, a crystal dress by Alessandra Rich and much more. In total more than 40 locks. After such a long period of industrial silence on the part of Beyoncé at the fashion level, it is absolutely necessary.

Beyonce in Alessandra Rich’s Crystal Dress (screenshot)
French designer Marin Sir’s half-moon suit that Beyoncé has previously worn in a different color (screenshot)
Belmin Outfit (Screenshot)

And what about the moments of national pride we promised? Two Israeli designers found themselves dressing Beyoncé for the big project. The first is Alon Birch, who has previously dressed the undisputed queen and designed five different looks for the project, three of which are worn by Kevin Bee herself. Among the locks you can see a sculpted white dress with powerful shoulders and a matching echo that looks like it was wrapped around Beyoncé’s head, a long red coat made of small tulle pieces sewn in precise creases on which birch worked six days in a row and another corset white dress with puffy sleeves combined.

Livneh also received a complimenting article in Vogue about the designs, which read, “The designer from Tel Aviv is not completely under the radar, he is well known to Lady Gaga’s fans and has also previously designed a dress for Beyonce, which was worn during her 2015 tour.” In an interview, Livneh said that Akers contacted him about six months ago and asked him to take part in the project. “It was amazing and felt super creative,” Livne concluded.

“It was amazing and felt super creative.” Beyoncé in a red birch coat (Photo: PR)

The second designer to receive the extraordinary honor is Avi Amram, a graduate of the fashion design department at Shenkar, who dressed Kevin Bee in a model from his final project. A colorful metallic suit featuring a blazer and hip boots, the same side one of Beyoncé’s representatives when he saw the model on my father’s Instagram page and contacted him. “This is an amazing opportunity, no less than a dream,” Amram wrote on his Instagram account. “This is my first collaboration as a designer – but certainly not the last.”

Beyonce wears a white dress combined with a crocheted oak birch (Photo: PR)
“This is an amazing opportunity, no less than a dream.” Beyonce wears Avi Amram’s suit (Photo: PR)
The suit designed by Avi Amram for the graduation project in Shenkar and caught the eye of Beyonce’s staff members (Photo: PR)
Colorful in Mugler’s outfit (screenshot)
Barbarian infringement print (screenshot)
Luke Barbary Poppy Style Slogans (Screenshot)
Romantic dress by Wendy Nicole (screenshot)


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