Betar Jerusalem vs. Hapoel Tel Aviv: 0: 0 Ural Degani’s reactions


The Toto Cup game between Beitar Jerusalem and Hapoel Tel Aviv at Teddy Stadium, promised quite a bit but does not exist at all. The host’s new acquisition, Uriel Degani opened against the ex and completed 90 minutes, but it seems that the lack of crowds in the stands continues to affect the energies and both teams Farewell 0-0 from heaven.

Betar Jerusalem, which finished for the second time in a row with this result, significantly reduced its chances of advancing to the semifinals after accumulating two points so far and will probably lose its title soon. Hapoel Tel Aviv, on the other hand, maintained the home lead with four points.

The main man behind the game, Ural Degani He said at the end: “How was the game? Both weird and exciting, I went straight into the rhythm against the verb but it’s okay. There were some butterflies at first and we move on. ”

Omri Altman, Uriel Degani | Danny Maron

It seems that you have already managed to fit into the group: It’s in my character and I try to do it in Betar as well and that’s it, it was fun to wear the Betar uniform for the first time. Hapoel Tel Aviv? I pretty much told what happened, I think there is no point in dealing with it anymore. ”

What will Beitar Jerusalem’s season be like?: “I believe there will be reinforcement in a number of positions. What place will we get to? A high place, but there is no point now in making statements. ”

From the red side the coach said Nir Klinger: Considering the circumstances and the missing lineup I think we are doing not bad preparation, progressing from game to game, we have a lot of new players and I want to put the puzzle together. I am satisfied with our aggressive approach, on the other hand we understand that we have shortcomings that we need to improve, the players are learning another method of play and of course we will also be on the line of 4, but until everyone gets fit, I am definitely satisfied. ”

Iyad Abu ‘Abid He added: “First of all playing Teddy is always a difficult game and no matter what frame, it was important for us to win the game and we did not do it, but I think the momentum of non-absorption is maintained and I hope in the next game we improve, it is not easy to play three days apart. This year the Toto Cup gets a validity of preparatory games because we did not have preparation, I hope that in the next game we will look better and win. ”

Nir Klinger | Danny Maron


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