Betar Jerusalem: The players have signed a 30 percent cut


Players Beitar Jerusalem Arrived today (Sunday) at the executive offices in order to sign the outline of the cut agreed with them, which stands at about 30 percent.

During the talks, which began last month, Celebrates raised the possibility of cutting players’ salaries by 40 percent. The players refused on the grounds that the outline of the Treasury was talking about other sums, between 20-30 per cent, but in the end the parties reached a compromise. One of the players said: “We have decided to cut another five percent as a gesture of goodwill and help the club. There were quite a few problems along the way, but in the end both sides are satisfied. ”

Sport1 has learned that according to the new agreement signed by the players, they will be deducted 30 percent of the gross salary, and not the net. Under the previous agreement, the cut applies to their net salary and the implication is simple: a large proportion of players will give up a lower percentage than the net, about 2.5 percent. It is still a cut, but at a lower rate. Players like Shalom Edri will not be harmed because their salaries are relatively low.

Moshe is celebrating. The players went towards the club | Ariel Shalom

Chairman of the Club, Eli Ohana, He said after the signing: “We consider this signing a welcome step by the players, who gave a shoulder in a very difficult period for football and the Israeli economy. The team players have once again proved how important the club is to them, and deserve all the compliments on the move. At the same time, we are continuing our preparations for next season in the hope of building a strong and good team. ”

Team captain, Rose Age, Addressed the matter: “The corona plague has brought with it a new reality and according to which it is right to conduct oneself. No one likes to cut their salaries, but this is when hundreds of thousands of citizens are fighting for warmth and the economic situation is hurting every part of the Israeli economy – it is right for us players to come to the club and really go “under the stretcher” – the waiver is personal to each player. Hopefully we will know better days for everyone. ”

Rose Age
Rose Age. Understand the situation | Danny Maron


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