Betar Jerusalem players agreed to a 30 percent cut


Guy Ben Ziv 02/08/2020 13:29
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Betar Jerusalem players (Oren Ben Hakon)

Betar Jerusalem players arrived today (Sunday) at the management offices, in order to sign the cut outline agreed upon, which is about 30 percent. In doing so, the players from the capital agreed to another five percent cut in their salaries. 25 percent in their salary, now after the understandings with the Ministry of Finance and the defense network they received the players were required to cut another 5 percent, and at the end of training it happened when the players agreed to the move.

Chairman of the Club, Eli Ohana, He said: “We consider the signing a welcome step by the players, who gave a shoulder in a very difficult period for football and the Israeli economy. The team players have once again proven how important the club is to them, and deserve all the compliments on the move. A strong and good team. ”

Team captain, Rose AgeHe added: “The Corona epidemic has brought with it a new reality according to which it is right to conduct itself. No one likes to cut their salaries, but this is when hundreds of thousands of citizens are fighting for warmth and the economic situation is hurting every part of the Israeli economy. “The waiver is personal to each player, for the benefit of the whole club. In the hope that we will know better days for everyone.”

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